41 thoughts on “A. Arun Thamburaj

  1. A pure soul..feels disturbed even when a fly gets hurt by him.. A true leader who leads from the front.. I still remember Thambu being worried whenever AD OD used to cross our squad..he used to shout– He is here, he is here..EK DO EK, EK DO EK.! and assumed responsibility of ALL TIME squad commander…
    Shy but cheerful smile..full of positive energy.. fainted when he heard the gr8 news of securing 6th Rank in UPSC 2013 results.. An ideal person like ‘Ram’. Prem Ranjan was his ‘Hanuman’– who used to vibrate the section ‘A’ with — THAMMMMMBUUUURAAAAJJJJ..
    Our squad II and perhaps the whole 65 RR will certainly miss his joyful helpful cheerful energetic presence in the IPS fraternity…Keep achieving loads of accolades Thambu…the THALAIVAAA :-)

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  3. TTP ……as i used to call him. I always wonder how can a person be so much sincere, at least of his age…..poori life aise hi jiyega ka mere bhai …….shudhar ja :P :)
    I like the way he speaks english and more then that the way he speaks HINDI.
    A humble and highly talented person. First TTP :P

  4. most bright and intellectual person i met in NPA…conscience keeper of my squad..always inspired and helped me to do well..i am really so happy for him that finally he achieved his dream destination thats IAS…i just cant forget how much he was worried abt the outdoor periodicals…he practiced forward roll in his room…some times i got very angry with him,,but at the end he was so clean and pure form his heart….i salute him,…

  5. No one can meet his dedication and sincerity….Hats off to you Thambu Sir… u r a gem….soft spoken…kind…and problem solver….. We are lucky to have u with us here in training…..All the best for future !!!

  6. The Great Arun Thamburaj. Dude, what a dude. As mentioned by people, he is sincere. Very Sincere. Infact, the word sincere is not sincere enough to depict his sincerity. I mean, I don’t think there is anyone I have ever met who is so sincere in everything that he does. Not almost everything but literally everything.

    More importantly, one of the nicest persons you can ever meet. Most of us are nice to our friends, this guy is nice to everyone. Can’t say will meet you a lot, since you are going to Tamil Nadu :P and I don’t plan to come there :D. All the best for LBSNAA, career and life dude :)

  7. Who is Arun Thamburaj? A guy with great perseverance and dedication to prepare for the Civils.. sincerity to give his best all the time at training… an intellectual who will always accept and discuss all different arguments and a friend who will always help you and appreciate and indulge you in your idiosyncracies! Thanks so much for all your support and company and I know I irritated you sometimes and recently but that doesn’t detract from what a fine person you are.. Your sincerity of thought will bring you well deserved success in the future and I expect great things from you in the Administrative Service.. My best wishes and support to you always! :)

  8. thambu i thourough gentleman and a gem of a person. very calm and composed. its fun talking to him in hindi. enjoyed his company during extra classes which he completed meticulously.i wish him a great life ahead

  9. Arun Thamburaj, on whose name there is categorized a new type of probationer- TTP, is an exceptional human being and a great friend! Has been my rock when it comes to organizing the culturals, we’re all happy he has fulfilled his dream, and in quite a spectacular way…. so much so that when he heard the result he fainted(he denies it though) and the never ending phone calls resulted in his phone giving him a shock everytime he answered it! :P
    his sincerity is unparalleled, and his compassion is well known…. but woe betide if you happen to ruffle him…. Thambu, i’m glad to have found a friend in you! :)

  10. had i come to services straight from college..I would have been like him..idealistic to core..will never help you in any thing which even remotely smells of breaking rule..will always reach to classes 10 min before time but seriously someone who will surely serve country in true sense..

  11. One of the finest souls in the academy, sincere to the core, more sincere than any of the OTs in spite of getting into IAS.It was really amazing to see his never say die attitude inspiring me many a times during the training..A senior turned junior(!!) will surely look forward to work with you in Tamil Nadu.
    p.s.– Please take care and don’t get injured anymore!!!

  12. i still can not understand as to how any why he is still in training,
    anti to my thoughts but still a humble and sincere guy
    he lies on the other end of spectrum :-P


    hope he will learn to mend his ways

  13. Thambu … has hyper sincerity syndrome, i hate him for many things he knows that .. but when it comes to friendship he can do anything for you, he is super duper caring and awesome :)
    i wish that in future, working as sincere hardworking IAS , he will be able to connect to common poor people of india( for now i doubt it )..if he does that i am sure he will write history somewhere..

  14. Thambu, when dear thambu was born, the nurse put a gold medal around his neck, and he has carried that through life topping wherever he went.

    He has a unique style of walking, laughs easy with all 32 teeth showing, KTP par excellence ,bit of a pain, especially in Hindi class :p, in my estimation will become one of the best bureaucrats in the system. Great guy,love poking fun at him, have had a few serious conversations too, i think i might call him up when i need advice in life!

  15. Most people used to tease thambu like anything, particularly as KTP which is true (trophies u’ve won stands as testimony to the same)
    But other than that, one very good aspect is tht u always looks at things positively all the time.. Keep it up
    & ALL D BEST

  16. Let people say whatever they wish to…..But our Ever sincere Thambu knows secret of the trade. I want to c this extremely helpful chap as a practical and benevolent officer and wish him all the success in life.

  17. thambu has revolutionised the terminology in npa.. its no longer KTP now.. its TTP- Thambu type probationer.. he has broken all the records of KTP..
    a very good-hearted sweet fellow. and sincerity at its best..
    a close fried of mine and am sure he is gonna do wonders wherever he goes..

  18. A friend, philosopher and a guide…lol…great guy. Almost every staff and workers in NPA knows him. Smiles a lot, it makes him look innocent…..even if one is not convinced he is, he will convince you on that by talking about his innocence lol….well Mr.Thambu wish you loads of success.

  19. Words are incapable to describe him. He is too sincere to be true. He is going to be a good IAS officer and will definitely bring zeal to the lethargic bureaucratic system. He is a person with a good soul and is true to everything he does.
    Best of luck thambu. Don’t change at all …you are a gem.

  20. A good hearted person. He deserves all credit for being so punctual , honest and for his intellectual abilities. An ideal friend. Somehow our past 2 years are well connected and similar.
    But kab sudherega yaar….. Sometime chill out and take things lightly dude.

  21. Blue eyed boy of the faculty…most god fearing person i have come across… CHUP kar, Bhagwan upar se dekh raha hai is his taqiya kalam !!! just wish all the success in life to him…

  22. very very sincere and sincere and sincere, i cant any other word , such a sincere person.. welcome to ur home state and will be very difficult to work with him since he knew better in laws and other subjects of police than me…

  23. Thambuuuu…. Someone I just seemed to know of earlier.. but now I can actually claim to know… He is a friend first, a person who intrigues me with his answers while the whole class is sleeping & the nodding of the head while being unsure of listening..;).
    He is a friend I’ve grown to know over the months at NPA.. someone with whom I feel free to take the liberty and say whatever comes to mind, take his case n joke around, to be myself, to know that I won’t be judged..I respect him the most for this very attitude for taking things in the right spirit..Its a marvellous quality to have… All the best Thambu… Am sure you’ll do wonders in the field…:)

  24. Archaic pure, unadulterated sincerity.. :) Smart, intelligent, innocent.. Sometimes to the limits of being unbelievable.. Yet sooo stupid at times.. ;) Have loved pulling your leg, will continue to do the same..hehe.. Cheers!!
    P.s. can imagine you saying — “ayee chup kar tuuu” right now..

  25. Dr. Sahab who knows almost everything .. omniscient… He helped me a lot he recover of my injuries after accident … even faculty stated many a time that other then Thambu any one can answer the question..
    He has given a notch higher standard to training by term TTP :D
    the future generation shall be highly appreciative of the same :P

    Wish you a very best in Future .. I know It is very best only
    Be in contact Dear Please
    I shall miss you in Agmut Dear

  26. the great thambu……got to know him a bit late in the course …by that time he has already stamped his ownership to the position of most sincere probationer…………… always with worried look on his face all the time…….. but a wonderful human being….and there will not be a single person in NPA who doesn’t like Thmbu…..all the best dear for your future………u r made for great things

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